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For truly novel novel bits

Brilliant Brevity
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This started as a game when two silly girls stayed up too late and needed entertainment. Little did they know that the game would be so entertaining. So, they began this community in an effort to share the game. The rules of the game:
1. Please submit three consecutive sentences excerpted from a nonexistent novel. Then provide a title.
2. Don't be shy--give it a shot. All genres and styles are welcome. These submissions are not being judged or graded, although comments are welcome.
3. You may submit as many excerpts as you wish, but each excerpt is strictly limited to three sentences. No exceptions [N.B.: one of the earliest entries does not conform to this rule; this submission, however, was created in the early stages of the concept and is therefore exempt from this last stipulation]!
4. Have fun!
5. Plagiarism is WHOLLY UNACCEPTABLE. One strike and you're out. If you find any instances of plagiarism, please email platyfrog@gmail.com as soon as possible.
6. While possibly offensive language is permitted (and censorship strongly discouraged), please do remember that some members access this community from their workplace. When in doubt about the content of your submission, simply LJ-Cut the entry with a warning (i.e. "Not work safe").

Other Miscellaneous Information (subject to change):

We welcome constructive criticism; we abhor outright flaming. We expect you to know the difference, and we hope not to encounter an excess of problems regarding this issue. After all, novelnovelbits is a writing community--and one dedicated to saying much in few words! Choose your words wisely. Again, no plagiarism, no flaming, no exceptions.

The community is moderated by aquilinum. Should you have any questions or concerns, you may email platyfrog@gmail.com and aquilinum will respond with as much alacrity as possible.

Thank you for the interest, and enjoy your time here at novelnovelbits! I and others look forward to your contributions!

Update: Don't be stupid. If you can't read this page and follow its instructions, you'll be banned. So far, the Hall of Shame only has one user (tinkymink). Let's keep the list short, okay? Thanks.
- aquilinum

If three sentences feel too restrictive, check out novelnovelchunk, the sister community to this one. Go, give it a try! The entry length at novelnovelchunk is ten sentences.